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Lite Up Utah is a locally owned small business serving Salt Lake and Utah counties.


Expressive By Night

Outdoor lighting can be an impactful way for municipal and government buildings to stand out. With Lite Up Utah’s permanent outdoor color-changing lighting solutions, your buildings will shine as a beacon of attraction. Our lighting solutions offer verstility with three mounting options.

Face Mount

Traditional Holiday Look

Oelo’s versatile installation options allow for traditional fascia mounting, providing a classic Christmas light glow visible from all angles. The Oelo app takes it a step further, enabling users to create modern lighting effect by controlling each individual LED and introducing gaps in the illumination.

Accent Mount

Exterior Wall Grazing

Create stunning wall grazing effects by mounting Oelo channels downward or upward, selectively illuminating architectural features like pillars with strategically turned on or off LEDs. While traditionally using white light, Oelo’s 16 million hues offer limitless creative possibilities for business owners to accentuate architectural elements.

Under Mount

Outdoor Wall Wash Effect 

Elevate your lighting options with Oelo, a unique system that can be hung on both fascia and under eaves. The under-mount configuration casts a beautiful wall-wash glow, eliminating shadows and highlighting the exterior with vibrant colors. This Dark Sky-compliant feature is acheived by angling the LEDs downward. 

Mounting Options For Every Type of Building

Choose from our versatile mounting options to redefine how your business is percieved. Featuring steel storefront options with two distinct bends for mounting on various structures. Achieve a seamless look with acrylic covers, and transform your space into a well-lit patio area when the lights are downward-mounted.

Acrylic Channel

C Slim Channel

C Bend Channel

CL Bend Channel


Invisible By Day...

Watch as our lights seamlessly integrate into your structures fascia, providing a flush and non-intrusive appearance. Available in aluminum or acrylic cover options, our systems offer versatility for any structure. Opt for the sleek acrylic system that hides LEDs behind a lens or choose the aluminum option with minimal mounting components – ideal for structures with limited fascia space.

Impact-Resistant Acrylic

Our impact-resistant acrylic cover not only provides a flush, fade-resistant design but also ensures lasting impact in both durability and visual appeal. The waterproof cover serves as the perfect, permanent mounting solution, all while maintaining an aesthetic that seamlessly blends with buildings.

  • LED Appearance: Spaced 10″ or closer behind translucent lens for a flush look
  • Length: 8′ Increments that can be cut to size, allowing the system to be customizable
  • Colors: Available in a variety of standard colors, this channel can also be painted

Long-Lasting Metal

Crafted with precision in the United States, our aluminum cover is a testament to lasting quality and swift installation. Embracing minimal mounting components, this channel is perfect for large-scale commercial projects.

  • LED Appearance: Snaps into channel for quick install and even spacing
  • Length: 7′ 6″ increments that can be cut to size, allowing the system to be customizable
  • Colors: Powder coated in a variety of standard color options and also available in color-match

Unlimited Control, From Anywhere

Take control of your lighting with the user-friendly Oelo app. From anywhere in the world with an internet connection, customize, save, and schedule your favorite lighting patterns up to 12 months in advance. With over 16 million hues and dynamic movement settings, the Oelo app ensures your building shines as a landmark for your city.

Choose From 16-Million Hues

Fun Movement Patterns

Save Your Patterns

Set the built-in lighting timer

2x Lifespan Over the Competition, Guaranteed to Last.

Choose Lite Up Utah with confidence. We the local authorized dealer of Oelo lighting, ensuring you receive premium products and expert service.

Oelo Lighting Solutions

7-Year Warranty

Oelo stands behind every product with a robust 7-year warranty, a testament to the quality and durability of our lighting solutions.

Oelo App Customization

Tailor your lights effortlessly. The Oelo app allows you to customize colors, patterns, and schedule lighting for specific time and day, putting the power of expression in your hands. 

Extended Lifespan and Reliability

Our Oelo lights boast a remarkable 2x lifespan compared to competitors. UL rated, fire rated, and waterproof, delivering reliability in all weather conditions. 

Seamless Design

Seamless, not intrusive. Lite Up Utah ensures your gutters remain untouched, preserving the aesthetics of your home or business. 

“Lite Up Utah was a dream to work with. They setup our lights efficiently without any hiccups. I can’t even see them in the daytime! Couldn’t be happier.”

– Dave Brown, Business Owner

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