Why Oelo?

Because Everyday is a Celebration
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Invisible by Day, Expressive by Night

Never hang holiday lights again!

Oelo brings your outdoor style to light with permanent structural lighting for your home. Practically invisible by day, Oelo’s permanent LED holiday lights blend in with your home’s fascia for a seamless look, while Oelo’s color-changing lights are uniquely expressive by night thanks to Oelo’s customizable color app. Install our lights once and let them light up your day-to-day moments, celebrations and seasons for years to come!

Quality lighting solutions start with a quality product warranty.

We stand behind every product with a five-year warranty, and each system is rated for 100,000 hours of use — the equivalent of 22 years of nightly 12-hour glow! Compare that to other systems’ 10,000-40,000-hour lifespan.

Moreover, Oelo is backed by a 60-year-old parent company, so you can rest assure we are committed to our customers and the life of their system.

More than just holiday lights. Oelo is a system.

And every system needs a CONTROL BOX .

The Oelo control unit provides power for up to 300 lights and provides the signal that regulates Oelo’s infinite lighting functions (for up to 6,000 lights).

With Oelo, you can control the color and movement of EVERY individual LED light in the system. What’s next? World domination?

Moreover, Oelo is backed by a 60-year-old parent company, so you can rest assure we are committed to our customers and the life of their system.

It’s our LED LIGHT COVERS that sets us apart.

Our system’s LED components are housed in an acrylic or aluminum LED light cover. These covers create Oelo’s seamless appearance along your structure’s roofline, can be cut to size for modular design and feature a variety of mounting configurations to create different lighting effects that most permanent holiday lighting systems can’t create. Our patented acrylic cover delivers a bump-free look, while our durable aluminum option is a favorite for commercial projects.


Our LED light cover is available in acrylic or aluminum in 10 colors.

Truly the best LED COLOR-CHANGING LIGHTS on the market.

Unlike other permanent holiday lights, Oelo is the only multi-color system that lets you mix and match infinite color options while adding movement to create your own custom lighting programs. With the app, you can save your favorite patterns for ease, and you can set your system to turn on (and off) by itself for added convenience. Choose from our in-range standard app, or upgrade to Oelo’s cloud-based option. 

With the app, you can create sections of color (or add gaps in your structural lights) to deviate away from traditional holiday lighting for a commercial look.

We are
The Best Lighting Solution For Your Structure

  • Offers commercial buildings a permanent solution with color and lighting pattern variations to suit the business and make the building stand out and “shine”!
  • For homeowners it’s an easier, safer alternative to hiring a holiday lighting company every holiday season.
  • No longer stuck with one color scheme and pattern for the holidays. Flexibility suit your taste.
  • If you install your own lights every year, permanent home trim lighting will give you back hours each year.
      • DIYers save time they would spend on a ladder and roof.
      • Safer for homeowners.
      • Multiple occasions outside of just Christmas!
      • Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving).
      • Show your support and spirit for your favorite teams by setting team colors on game day.

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